Hey, you!

2013-04-28 18:41:52 by Lepy

I've got some new stuff. Specifically, I've got a part in the Garfield Collab 2. It's the very first skit, so watch it if you want. Actually, no, watch it or I'll get pissed off.


Some people are saying my part is their favorite, so thanks to all of you for your kind words. It's rare that I actually get an animation out, and it's lovely to have people look at it so positively.

I was supposed to be in the first collab, actually, and I had everything all ready to go. When Andrew called for the last remaining pieces, I just didn't send mine in for absolutely no reason. I was just gonna release it on my own channel, but then Andrew announced the 2nd collab and I just kinda threw mine at him and said "WOW LOOK HOW FAST I ANIMATED THIS!!!!"
Not really.

A lot of people are saying that some of the pieces aren't up to standards, to which I say BLASPHEMY. All Garfield-related works of art are works of beauty, comedy, and tear-jerking ART.
But no, I see what people mean. I think the next collab will have the ante upped. I don't know if anyone else is reading the criticism, but I wanna strive to make a more perfect collab. Only perfection is allowed for our great leader: the Great, Great Lasagna Eater.

But yeah, thanks for watching and adding me to your favorite artists stuff and ALL THAT.
Maybe bigger things are to come. Like, when school's out. This summer, I think I'll have the potential and time spring-loaded in me to release something that'll make people "lul" and "roffel" and maybe even "lamo".

OH AND HAPPY BELATED PICO DAY. I really wanna go to Philly for the Pico Day meet up in the future. But that probably won't be for a while. OH WELL.

Hey, you!


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2013-04-28 22:07:37

That was an entertaining collaboration

Your survey entry:

http://austerity.newgrounds.com/news/post/8399 88

Lepy responds:

Oh, hey, I almost forgot about that. Coolio!


2013-04-29 06:38:04

Where's my xbox?!


2013-04-29 20:31:55

Hi. How are you?