Howsabout an Edd Gould post?

2013-03-26 01:37:17 by Lepy

As a bunch of you probably know, it's been a year since Edd passed. Well, I'm posting this at 12 central, so technically it was yesterday.

Edd was pretty much one of the coolest bros I had talked to. I remember being in a Skype call with him and he was pretty much filled with all these extremely clever puns and just random stuff that made everyone in the call laugh. He was a genuinely nice person and literally -the- last person in the Flash community I would want to see go. But alas, here we are.

I'll probably never forget coming home from school and going through my Twitter feed to see Tom and Matt's video. I remember thinking that it HAD to be a joke, and that maybe Edd woke up to find that his cancer had been completely expelled from his body magically. I guess that was pretty bad wishful thinking because I got the opposite. That really, really sucked.

But a while after Edd's death, I sort of realized something. People could definitely take a lesson from Edd's life and death. He was, like I said, the coolest, nicest, friendliest dude I had met in the Flash community. He sometimes even shot some criticism my way before I had really even gotten to know him. We never know when it's all just gonna flash out into black like an old CRT being turned off. It could happen any day, minute, hour, second. So I think I'm gonna try being a better me. Maybe I should forget the whole "I don't give a SHIT about what people think of me" thing and just be really cool and nice whenever possible. Just ignore the people who don't like whatever I'm doing. Don't even be mean to them. Just be the coolest, nicest, most friendly dude I can be.

In late 2009, Edd told me this in a deviantArt comment:

And maybe, in those moments when I'm starting to think that I really suck shit at everything, I'll just remember this little tid bit. And most of all, maybe I should pass it onto someone else.

So cheers to Edd Gould. I'm not sure about after-life stuff, or if we just dream somehow after we're dead, or if we just see black, but either way, I hope to see you again soon. I miss you, and if I had things my way, you'd still be here inspiring the millions of experienced and inexperienced animators. Luckily for the world, you were a Flash animator and no matter what happens, we can still sit back in our chairs, forget about the grittyness of life, and enjoy a can of Coca-Cola with an Eddisode playing on our computers. And I'd never be able to fully express how thankful I am for taking us on an adventure through time with us, making a movie with us, going deep below the ocean with us, building a house and exorcising with us, defeating Zanta Claws with us, going through the military with us, dealing with clones with us, visiting an ancient Egyptian tomb with us, defeating zombies with us, inspiring us and so much more.


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2013-03-26 01:43:29

Really emotional and inspiring words. Edd would be proud.


2013-03-26 02:16:18

A brilliant post sir. I commend your words. Edd was an inspiration to many, myself included. He'd be happy to see how people look at him.


2013-03-26 04:18:52

Fantastic post. Still such a shame that Edd's no longer with us.


2013-03-26 08:29:48

Edd is dead. His friends greed lives on.

(Updated ) Lepy responds:

Eh, I dunno. I think a lot of his friends were legitimately mourning, though.
I don't know about the rest of the people who wrote, drew, and made videos about Edd, but I feel a bit better about it after writing this.


2013-03-26 23:46:48

@Pickilow Edd wanted the Eddsworld show to go on after his death. I don't see how greed and fulfilling a good man's dying wish are the same thing. Unless you're referring to something else.

... I remember back when Edd was still suffering from cancer, I left a comment saying something along the lines of, "I will raise a bottle of Coke in your honor." I really did that, several times, and one last time when he passed away. His creativity, art style, sense of humor left an impression on me and he also really seemed like a genuinely great guy. I wish I had known him better.


2013-03-27 00:06:09

This is a really great post. Thanks for writing it.


2013-03-27 10:17:22

Good on you, Lepy.


2013-03-27 16:23:31

Smiled a bit. :)
Nice post, man.