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Another Pico Day post! Just like the OTHERS!

2016-05-03 14:31:42 by Lepy

No different! Just kidding, everybody is different. 

So Pico Day is here and I'm COMPLETELY WITHOUT CONTENT TO UPLOAD but that's okay because a lot of my friends do so I'm going to plug a few cartoons really quick. If you really like Newgrounds, you're really going to like these because these are plain and simple cartoons. No spin zone. No music videos, no parody things, just cartoons that are funny. Personally those are my favorites and after I get out of hell, I really hope I can make one. I'll probably make one with THE PEOPLE BELOW. Also I'll make it quick because there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you've already seen these since it's a small internet. 

Here's Flikkernicht's Fountain of Youth:

Good. Good stuff. 

Here's Eathan's Chips:

See that thumbnail? I did that. That's MY doing. Good stuff. 

Here's Tech Dave's new WHAT IS PICO DAY??:

I'm actually in this! I did not do a good job at acting but we all still had a good time nonetheless, right? Also if you haven't watched it yet it's like fuck you. It's literally a giant fucking image on the front page. First thing you see on the website. Fuck you. Go watch all of Tech Dave too!

So those are all the ones I wanted to plug. Very nice. Very good. As for my own content? I'm tired of whining so I'm going to keep saying 'coming soon'. 

here's a very small preview that i took just now from my phone and then i resized it in paint:


And finally, this little portion of my update thing is to actually talk about the subject: PICO DAY. Last year was fun except for me losing a suitcase. That sucked BUT this Pico Day is going to be even better because there are going to be so fucking many great people there. Seriously, go look at the list. Me and Luis are next to each other. (:

I'm going to be rooming and probably sticking around Eathan, Flikernicht, Magnivez, and a special bonus character: Keegan McFly. Keegan just got his plane tickets the other day and I am extremely glad because from the 4th of May to the 14th of May, I'm going to be meeting like 80% of all my internet friends and all of my really close ones. 

I'm excited and I cannot wait to meet a bunch of people who I know them but they don't know me but thats fine

And I'm gonna be in New York which is extra cool because I'm just a boy living amongst the tumbleweeds and the mosquitoes in texas and it's crazy that i'm going to be allowed into a place like THAT. 


Anyway THAT'S IT. Here's a picture of me to warn you what i look like. i will be the 14 year old girl with a deep voice that doesnt match my body whatsoever. 
Also MY CINTIQ PEN BROKE (I hope it was just the pen) and i had to go back to the caveman days and use my OLD TABLET and it's actually sorta hard to switch from a monitor tablet to a classic tablet so it's going to look extra lazy.

sorry this was long and no one truly cares



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2016-05-03 14:43:12


Lepy responds:



2016-05-03 16:18:52

See you at Pico Day!


Lepy responds:

WHAT go to pico day


2016-05-03 16:52:00

It's okay Lerpy bby~

Lepy responds:



2016-05-03 17:21:58


Lepy responds:

well its may 3rd so if you start walking now i'm pretty sure you can make here in time


2016-05-03 17:52:45

that is a picture of you

Lepy responds:

id love to see you prove it jon if youre going to make an outlandish bullshit claim like that, i woul LOVE to see you prove it v


2016-05-03 18:11:42

Enjoy yourself!


2016-05-03 18:39:29

I would but my parents don't want to drive me and its not like I'm old enough to drive myself or get on an airplane. Plus its kinda more of an adult party right? Maybe we could Skype while your there?

Make sure you get a battery pack or something for your phone!

Lepy responds:

Something tells me that Pico Day's only going to snowball in the coming years so I'd say keep asking.
There's always the stream that they have too.
And we shall see about Skype! I might be busy as a fair warning but message me on the 7th if you want.

I need a battery pack almost everywhere because sometimes my phone dies at 20% THANKS APPLE


2016-05-03 20:01:17

Hope to see you at Pico Day :D


2017-05-14 14:05:51


Lepy responds: