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Another Pico Day post! Just like the OTHERS!

2016-05-03 14:31:42 by Lepy

No different! Just kidding, everybody is different. 

So Pico Day is here and I'm COMPLETELY WITHOUT CONTENT TO UPLOAD but that's okay because a lot of my friends do so I'm going to plug a few cartoons really quick. If you really like Newgrounds, you're really going to like these because these are plain and simple cartoons. No spin zone. No music videos, no parody things, just cartoons that are funny. Personally those are my favorites and after I get out of hell, I really hope I can make one. I'll probably make one with THE PEOPLE BELOW. Also I'll make it quick because there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you've already seen these since it's a small internet. 

Here's Flikkernicht's Fountain of Youth:

Good. Good stuff. 

Here's Eathan's Chips:

See that thumbnail? I did that. That's MY doing. Good stuff. 

Here's Tech Dave's new WHAT IS PICO DAY??:

I'm actually in this! I did not do a good job at acting but we all still had a good time nonetheless, right? Also if you haven't watched it yet it's like fuck you. It's literally a giant fucking image on the front page. First thing you see on the website. Fuck you. Go watch all of Tech Dave too!

So those are all the ones I wanted to plug. Very nice. Very good. As for my own content? I'm tired of whining so I'm going to keep saying 'coming soon'. 

here's a very small preview that i took just now from my phone and then i resized it in paint:


And finally, this little portion of my update thing is to actually talk about the subject: PICO DAY. Last year was fun except for me losing a suitcase. That sucked BUT this Pico Day is going to be even better because there are going to be so fucking many great people there. Seriously, go look at the list. Me and Luis are next to each other. (:

I'm going to be rooming and probably sticking around Eathan, Flikernicht, Magnivez, and a special bonus character: Keegan McFly. Keegan just got his plane tickets the other day and I am extremely glad because from the 4th of May to the 14th of May, I'm going to be meeting like 80% of all my internet friends and all of my really close ones. 

I'm excited and I cannot wait to meet a bunch of people who I know them but they don't know me but thats fine

And I'm gonna be in New York which is extra cool because I'm just a boy living amongst the tumbleweeds and the mosquitoes in texas and it's crazy that i'm going to be allowed into a place like THAT. 


Anyway THAT'S IT. Here's a picture of me to warn you what i look like. i will be the 14 year old girl with a deep voice that doesnt match my body whatsoever. 
Also MY CINTIQ PEN BROKE (I hope it was just the pen) and i had to go back to the caveman days and use my OLD TABLET and it's actually sorta hard to switch from a monitor tablet to a classic tablet so it's going to look extra lazy.

sorry this was long and no one truly cares


So I have a friend whose name is EATHAN (whose NG account you can find by clicking HERE) and he was really into Yotam Perel's Silly String album (that you can listen to if you click HERE). So he animated a MUSIC VIDEO for it way back when! Today, it has finally graced this god damn earth. Here it is. 

There it is. YEARS of HARD WORK and DEDICATION. 

and i'll have something coming up soon probably


2015-10-15 02:24:12 by Lepy


So in my last THING or maybe second to last, I talked about the two music videos that I've had to do. If you know me, you'd know those are what I've been working on for a long time. Like, for more than two years. I could go on and on about it or I could just say that working on those two things drained me pretty hard and last week I sent an email to one of the guys telling them that I can't keep doing it. 

So it's kinda like all this work is lifted up off of my plate and THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE because it genuinely seemed like I wouldn't finish those before my untimely death. I'd honestly rather just give up and move on than hit the three year mark. Now that that part's over, what do I do noooowwwww?

I still have one of the music video that I have to finish and I'll be honest, I kinda like this one more just because I can do whatever I want with it. I'm kinda mainly just working on that now. I'm about to start a really AFX-y part and I'm kinda excited about that because I've been practising AFX for a while (probably not enough, though. Like, I just kinda leanred some bare basics) and I wanna see what I can do on this.
On top of that, I wanna continue Scary Larry because people told me they liked it. I didn't even expect that. The morbidosity and goofyness of it is a lot of fun and I get to stretch my legs with whatever I think is funny. It doesn't even have to be morbid humor. It can be whatever I ding darned want. I voiced the second episode a while back and I got kinda far in animating it, but I still have a way to go. I'm starting to worry though because I made the first Scary Larry in one day and this one's taking a long time. But because I put so little effort into the first one and got very little (AKA no) reaction on Newgrounds, I'm kinda hoping if I put more effort into the second one that it'll get a bit further here. Hopefully it'll get my feet wet for whenever I might wanna start a series or something. I like to think that your first attempt is your trash attempt and usually first tries always go bad and then your second try is where you really know what you're doing, you're comfortable, and you've studied why your first attempt was trash so you can improve upon it. 

But why don't you just MAKE something and just slip something out really quick? I've kinda sorta done that since Scary Larry. It's not much but it's something from me. 


Basically my friend Eathan AKA MrLeonShake and I were talking and I was like "Eathan you should change your YouTube name to Eathan" and he was like "okay". I was like "Wait, really?" and he was like "Yeah." He was at work and he just like, handed me his password and told me to change it. Then I changed it and then I was like WAIT I WANNA DO SOMETHING FUNNY TO HIS CHANNEL so I recorded and animated this half way and then fell asleep. Then I woke up and finished it (I wish I could do things that fast normally) but Eathan changed his password and I was like >:( and then I sent him this and he was like WHAT THE FUCK. Then he asked if he could replace my drawings of him with his own drawings and I was like SURE FINE OKAY and then he added the background and that's how this thing came to be. Will we collab on something in the future? I dunno I kinda doubt it. 

Also did you know Toonboom works pretty seamlessly with Flash content? Eathan uses Toonboom studio (is that the one most people use? Or or is Toonboom Animate? Or is either fine?) and I use Flash and this was able to come together so easily. It's cool that they work together so well. I'm not gonna start using Toonboom anytime soon because I'm fine with Flash. I learned Toonboom and it's cool but at this point Flash is too engraved in my memory and it's just not worth it to switch IMO. Also Flash doesn't crash that often for me. That's a funny joke right like AAAH flash crashed what a crappy program im switching to toonboom DARN!!!!! I use a portable version of CS3 so maybe portable versions are more stable. IDK. Kreid says that Flash CC 2014 is the most stable for him so I guess things vary from computer to computer. Try em all! See what's what. Why am I talking about Flash I'M SORRY. 

I also draw a lot sometimes and you can find my stuff nowhere in particular sorry. 

Anyway I don't wanna say 'content coming soon' because it's not going to come soon JK it might WHO KNOWS. I really just gotta finish this one music video and hopefully I'll find a way to get myself to work on stuff MORE. Cause that's my biggest problem I feel. I spend a lot of time doing OTHER THINGS or working or some bullshit. But shit's still rolling.  It's rolling and it'll never stop. Until I'm dead, that is. Then it'll come to an end. 



goin 2 pico's day

2015-03-03 11:46:28 by Lepy

Hi friends. Pals. Buddies. 

I'm gonna be at Pico Day. It's official, no going back, 100%. So that might be cool. Either I'll be the life of the party or I'll be scared and talk to no one. It's a gamble but we'll see. If you know me and you're going to be there, tell me so I won't go and be alone. 

I probably won't be though cause I know a few people're going. 

I'll be the one there who looks like how my icon looks. STUPID FUCKIN' LONG HAIR AND A STUPID FUCKIN' DUMB FACE. 

Anyway, I had a thing going on YouTube and it's kinda over and it's a little discouraging. I did a thing called MarioMan64 and video games donkey liked it and it got somewhere and i got somewhere and now I uploaded a thing and it's been up for thhhrreee days(?) and it only has 400 views. I think it's alright to worry, but obvs it shouldn't be like, an ACTUAL setback or anything. Whatever. 

I plan on doing more with Scary Larry since a lot of people seemed to actually like that. Scary Larry is a thing that I never put my name on because it's about a fuckin fat guy who eats a guy with his genits. It's a goofy mix between a joke and a thing I actually put effort into. I put it in my last news post but I'll put it in this one because it's a focus point of this little news entry. 

Badda bing badda boom!

I'm gonna upload the first episode to YouTube, then I'll wait a week and release the second episode and it'll all work out at some point maybe. Obvs I'll upload it to NG, but I dunno to what account. I think I love Scary Larry so that'll be a fun thing to do. A FUN VENTURE to venture. 


But Lepy, what about the two music videos you're working on? 

I'm still working on them and it's hard and actually a little emotionally draining. I think I'm going to have to set all my focus on one of them really quick to try and get it finished. No more animation-intense scenes, though. They take too long! It's gotta be simple stuff. Simple stuff's fun, too, but it's not as much of a "WOW" feeling when they're done, you know? 

They're both still like, half way done and I hate my stupid life. 

For those uninformed yet still reading, a while back I got commisioned to animate a music video and then a few months later I got commished to do another one and it started out cool and turned into a big stress ball of stress and I suck at everything. 

Here's a thing from it and THE COLORS ARE ALL JACKED UP but I don't have time to import all the frames into photoshop and deal with that bullshit so I just exported it from Flash OKAY ENJOY YOUR CRAPPY GIF BYE 


P.S. please don't hack my account! you're going to make me cry WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?


im a newfrounds supporter

2014-11-07 01:00:45 by Lepy

become a supporting man today: www.newgrounds.com

I'm still working on the same dang stuff as I've always been. Two music videos. Nuclear Bubble Wrap. Badda boom. Badda bing. When will they be out? Still dunno. Sorry. 

But hey, here is a "cartoon" made by a "fellow" "newgrounds" "user" and "i" hope it makes you "laugh" or "Cry".


Also college is terrible and I'm failing all my classes except TV productions and overall I'm a fucking failure in everything I do I hope I get hit by a fucking bus I HOPE YOU AREN'T A FAILURE AT EVERYTHING AND DON'T GET HIT BY A BUS THOUGH <43 BYE

Banjo Kazooie DID hold them off!

2014-03-23 18:24:36 by Lepy

Wowee zowee! Hey, Newgrounds! A lot of people really liked my Super Mario 64 video, so I decided to make a 2nd one about Banjo Kazooie. 

Here it is:

Hope you guys like this one, too. People've told me it's better than the first. But hey, why am I even showing this to you guys? It's cause videogamedunkey liked it, and that one single event was argubly one of the best things that's ever happened to me. The video originally had 200 views and I had 160 subscribers. After videogamedunkey liked it, it's currently at 20,000 (essentially the same number, but with more zeroes now) views and my subscriber count is at 1,150. I'm incredibly lucky and thankful and fortunate that this all happened to me. This means I'm closer to reaching a much wider audience, and as someone who absolutely loves entertaining people, that totally means a lot. 

But hey, what about Newgrounds? I haven't graced Newgrounds with a new Flash in over a year. What a shit head I am! No, I actually promise that the VERY next thing I'll release WILL be an animation that'll be suit for every website on the Internet, it won't be YouTube exclusive or AlbinoBlackSheep exclusive, or xhamster exclusive - nothing like that. What it is will be is a mystery! I'm working on like, three videos (the MarioMan64 videos were made because I got tired of staring at Flash's UI all day and I wanted to stare at Sony Vegas for a while) at the moment. That's two music videos (see the journal before last I think) and something I just wanna release because I wanna animate my own thing. I hope they'll be out VERY soon, but all I can say is that they'll be out before 2015. It's hard to animate while you're still in school. You have to come home from a whole day of being somewhere you don't wanna be and doing things you don't wanna do with nothing in return (except a thick and hearty dick slapping of education, but I honestly couldn't care less about how many decimals can fit inside of a fraction, nor can I write a persuasive essay because I just spent the last two years convincing myself that it's best to be neutral about every issue. It worked for Sweden in WW2.) plus I'm not a very good sleeper and I come home and fall asleep more than the average person should. I'm graduating in June, so after June, a rainbow will probably shine down upon me and everything'll be sunshine and sparkles and we can only hope I'll just constantly produce content and make a living and grow up and fuck a girl and get married and fuck my wife and die. 

Oh, and of course, Speshil Sheepy 3's gonna be started in August by Utentagen (Ryan) and I, so that'll be REALLY RAD. It's gonna be our biggest project. Ryan just got done with Building Block Inc. and maybe one day I'll be done with one of the music videos I have to do! And of course, that'll go straight to Newgrounds and YouTube and Pornhub and wherever. I'm really bad at estimating projects that haven't even been started, but I hope to have it out by December. Ryan's a way faster animator than me, too, so I'll probably be the one to drag things down, but Ryan'll be the one to drag things...up...yeah. 


Anyways, thank you all so much for being a really cool place to be. I love the whole lotta ya. 

Super Mario 64 will hold em' off!

2014-01-27 20:40:59 by Lepy

Hi, hello, hey. I made a video for that website that people go to sometimes. If you'd like, watch it. Just something to throw out while I'm working on a bunch of REAL RAD STUFF. It'll be tight. Yo!


Oh yeah, I just bought a new microphone. I went ahead and ordered the Audio Technica ATR2500. Does anyone reading this have it? I dunno if it'll be as good as the AT2020, the mic I hear is the best you can use for voice acting. It had good reviews and it was like $60 so it seemed like a good buy. 


More Endless Work.

2014-01-07 22:37:05 by Lepy

I'm still working to bring you that gosh darn music video. I really do apologize. When you guys see it, you'll love it. The great Dino-Mike is the man behind the music. He's a real treat to work with. 

I'm also working on a music video for the wonderful Nuclear Bubble Wrap. I can't say much about this as most of my time is going into the music video I mentioned before. 

The songs I'm doing are really great and I really can't wait to get them out. I can't say I'd be as excited if I didn't love the music myself to be honest. I'm incredibly lucky to be working with these guys. I feel like I'm taking them for granted by being so slow. It's hard though cause I'm still in school. Hopefully soon, however, I'll have them both out and I'll be on my way to mother fuckin' graduation. Then the sky's the limit. During the summer, I'll hopefully be working on Speshil Sheepy 3 with my best bud Utentagen. This project is supposed to be our first real collaboration and possibly the biggest things we'll have worked on yet (we tried making a collab when we first met and it was really fucking horrible because we were both 13. Now that we're both 18, things can't go all that wrong, I assume). 

We might also work on something new cause we came up with Speshil Sheepy when we were 13. I still think we could do a lot with the idea of a retarded sheep. Maybe. Honestly the concept of a retarded sheep's adventures doesn't really match our sense of humor but I really think we can make it work if we play our cards right. MAYBE. 

I really gotta get back to work. I'm excited to SHARE THINGS. I WANNA SHARE THINGS SO BAD. AJNFIUSDNG. And I barely have a good excuse. 


Just wanted to update my blog page cause all I had on here before was some bullshit about Pink Floyd and WHO CARES

funny memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2013-08-13 22:59:58 by Lepy

Memes are cool. Memes are rad. I gotta read them, good or bad!

No, I lied. That fucking unicode meme face isn't funny. It's old.

Bitterness aside, here's updates for anyone still following this disgusting, bitter yet charming, handsome young man around.
I'm working on a big thing. A lot of people say they're working on big things, but I'm actually special cause I'm working on a big thing for other people. I'm holding back most deets for now cause I wanna release it with something as close to a BANG as I can get, so I'M ZIPPIN THE LIP.
But yeah, it's not some weird shit like Hola Pescado or something half baked like The Moustache. It's a thing that I didn't write. So it has high potential already.

There's a pretty substantial jump in quality from the last thing I released, probably about one or two years ago, and this animation. I've learned how to make things look better in general and I've just flat out gotten older and THE OLDER YOU GET THE BETTER YOU ARE RIGHT???????? YEAH.

I still wanna write my own story and animate it soon. So far, I don't have any story based animations that I'm happy with. Will I ever? I dunno maybe I HOPE.

Also I've been listening to Pink Floyd lately. I kinda started listening to one song on The Wall and then I just started listening to the whole album and then I decided to see what all the fuss about Dark Side was then I was like DANG these guys are good.
Too bad people who've never listened to Dark Side constantly wear Dark Side clothes and have posters and shot glasses and all that merch. I love the album, but it's just not cool to wear the prism, MAN.
But yeah, I really do like the story and message behind The Wall and the message in the songs on Dark Side.
I haven't gotten much past those, but I plan on listening to Animals soon. I've listened to a bit of it, but I keep getting side tracked and end up not really listening to it.


Oh, and I'm not done talking about shit no one cares about. The animation from the live concerts / the Wall movie are AMAZING. I'm surprised I've never heard anyone talking about them.

http://www.geraldscarfe.com/ http://www.geraldscarfe.com/ http://www.geraldscarfe.com/

Okay now I am. Thanks for readin BYE.

Hey, you!

2013-04-28 18:41:52 by Lepy

I've got some new stuff. Specifically, I've got a part in the Garfield Collab 2. It's the very first skit, so watch it if you want. Actually, no, watch it or I'll get pissed off.


Some people are saying my part is their favorite, so thanks to all of you for your kind words. It's rare that I actually get an animation out, and it's lovely to have people look at it so positively.

I was supposed to be in the first collab, actually, and I had everything all ready to go. When Andrew called for the last remaining pieces, I just didn't send mine in for absolutely no reason. I was just gonna release it on my own channel, but then Andrew announced the 2nd collab and I just kinda threw mine at him and said "WOW LOOK HOW FAST I ANIMATED THIS!!!!"
Not really.

A lot of people are saying that some of the pieces aren't up to standards, to which I say BLASPHEMY. All Garfield-related works of art are works of beauty, comedy, and tear-jerking ART.
But no, I see what people mean. I think the next collab will have the ante upped. I don't know if anyone else is reading the criticism, but I wanna strive to make a more perfect collab. Only perfection is allowed for our great leader: the Great, Great Lasagna Eater.

But yeah, thanks for watching and adding me to your favorite artists stuff and ALL THAT.
Maybe bigger things are to come. Like, when school's out. This summer, I think I'll have the potential and time spring-loaded in me to release something that'll make people "lul" and "roffel" and maybe even "lamo".

OH AND HAPPY BELATED PICO DAY. I really wanna go to Philly for the Pico Day meet up in the future. But that probably won't be for a while. OH WELL.

Hey, you!