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Lepy's News

Posted by Lepy - March 17th, 2019

I've been on NG for 10 years today.

I feel like I've written plenty of sappy drunken ramblings about how much I love NG. No idea how many I've actually posted though. Probably all of them?? Maybe none of them?!?!

I love NG a lot.

Here is sompething!!


The drunk comment has nothing to do with the fact that I signed up on St. Patrick's Day. That's weird that I did that but I was a stupid kid and we all did stupid stuff when we were kid but I think I'm doing worse as an adult so whatever whatever whatever what ever what ever


Posted by Lepy - August 6th, 2018

I don't have much news! I'm sure I will some day. 

Motivation is a real problem and when you have little motivation, it's like, what's a goof to do? I'm never sure if the answer is make yourself uncomfortable or do stuff you like. I've been in both and neither of those really do much. Maybe I've been a sham the whole time and everything I thought I was interested in isn't really all that relevant to what I like and I'd like fitness equipment marketing or car engineering or medical practice twelve times better. 
Well I'm very squeamish so I already know that I couldn't be a doctor. If you have to question it, are you already in trouble? 

Also I have a wax melter and the light bulb burned out recently so I put a new one in and the wax isn't melting. Put a smiley face if you think that I have prank wax and put a frowny face if you think that I should get new wax. 




Posted by Lepy - December 9th, 2017

So I'll write a new one. I'm not going to bother putting this on the front page so in the end idk if followers are going to see this in their follower list or what. 

I just got back from Canada where I spent a week with Keegan McFly and Coolprinter. I needed that. This year wasn't that great for me BUT it feels like the end of the year's looking up. It even snowed where I live yesterday which is crazy because the climate here is subject to a governemt experiment designed to make everyone here as miserably hot and sweaty and moist as possible for 10 months out of the year. 


There's a-my dog in said snow. See him? Neat, right?!

I'm glad I get to travel as much as I do. I can't recommend visiting internet friends enough especially if you live in a shithole town. 

I'm going to write about Newgrounds. The very place you're at right now! Look around! Right now if you're a supporter, there's a really pretty ocean background. You're a supporter, right? Get it together. 

I think the animation community's lucky to have Newgrounds because otherwise, we'd have to host all of our stuff on youtube and my twitter timeline would have even MORE tweets complaining about how Mr. YouTube is here to ruin every animator's day. 

One thing that kinda makes me glad that I spent most of my years with a brain on NG is the attitude around here. Real-live, mostly unadulterated "I'm doing it because I love it" vibes. Whats cool is how many people adopt that kind of thinking even today when online animation's in a weird place. I think it's a little unfortunate that youtube's adding fire to the flame that is making slideshows about a fake life story but hopefully the smart ones (the ones who actually animate) will find Newgrounds. I think Cuphead is also going to help with that. Keegan pointed out that there are a lot of kids gawking at it. 

In the end, no matter what, unless you're a bonehead, you're all for Newgrounds. It brings people together and it's sweet! 

Tom bless. 

I'd talk about my own animation stuff but I'll save that for when I can write about that without work looming. 

I'm pretty sleep-stuff-ed up so this post is probably not that great. 


Posted by Lepy - May 3rd, 2016

No different! Just kidding, everybody is different. 

So Pico Day is here and I'm COMPLETELY WITHOUT CONTENT TO UPLOAD but that's okay because a lot of my friends do so I'm going to plug a few cartoons really quick. If you really like Newgrounds, you're really going to like these because these are plain and simple cartoons. No spin zone. No music videos, no parody things, just cartoons that are funny. Personally those are my favorites and after I get out of hell, I really hope I can make one. I'll probably make one with THE PEOPLE BELOW. Also I'll make it quick because there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you've already seen these since it's a small internet. 

Here's Flikkernicht's Fountain of Youth:

Good. Good stuff. 

Here's Eathan's Chips:

See that thumbnail? I did that. That's MY doing. Good stuff. 

Here's Tech Dave's new WHAT IS PICO DAY??:

I'm actually in this! I did not do a good job at acting but we all still had a good time nonetheless, right? Also if you haven't watched it yet it's like fuck you. It's literally a giant fucking image on the front page. First thing you see on the website. Fuck you. Go watch all of Tech Dave too!

So those are all the ones I wanted to plug. Very nice. Very good. As for my own content? I'm tired of whining so I'm going to keep saying 'coming soon'. 

here's a very small preview that i took just now from my phone and then i resized it in paint:


And finally, this little portion of my update thing is to actually talk about the subject: PICO DAY. Last year was fun except for me losing a suitcase. That sucked BUT this Pico Day is going to be even better because there are going to be so fucking many great people there. Seriously, go look at the list. Me and Luis are next to each other. (:

I'm going to be rooming and probably sticking around Eathan, Flikernicht, Magnivez, and a special bonus character: Keegan McFly. Keegan just got his plane tickets the other day and I am extremely glad because from the 4th of May to the 14th of May, I'm going to be meeting like 80% of all my internet friends and all of my really close ones. 

I'm excited and I cannot wait to meet a bunch of people who I know them but they don't know me but thats fine

And I'm gonna be in New York which is extra cool because I'm just a boy living amongst the tumbleweeds and the mosquitoes in texas and it's crazy that i'm going to be allowed into a place like THAT. 


Anyway THAT'S IT. Here's a picture of me to warn you what i look like. i will be the 14 year old girl with a deep voice that doesnt match my body whatsoever. 
Also MY CINTIQ PEN BROKE (I hope it was just the pen) and i had to go back to the caveman days and use my OLD TABLET and it's actually sorta hard to switch from a monitor tablet to a classic tablet so it's going to look extra lazy.

sorry this was long and no one truly cares


Posted by Lepy - January 27th, 2014

Hi, hello, hey. I made a video for that website that people go to sometimes. If you'd like, watch it. Just something to throw out while I'm working on a bunch of REAL RAD STUFF. It'll be tight. Yo!


Oh yeah, I just bought a new microphone. I went ahead and ordered the Audio Technica ATR2500. Does anyone reading this have it? I dunno if it'll be as good as the AT2020, the mic I hear is the best you can use for voice acting. It had good reviews and it was like $60 so it seemed like a good buy. 


Posted by Lepy - August 13th, 2013

Memes are cool. Memes are rad. I gotta read them, good or bad!

No, I lied. That fucking unicode meme face isn't funny. It's old.

Bitterness aside, here's updates for anyone still following this disgusting, bitter yet charming, handsome young man around.
I'm working on a big thing. A lot of people say they're working on big things, but I'm actually special cause I'm working on a big thing for other people. I'm holding back most deets for now cause I wanna release it with something as close to a BANG as I can get, so I'M ZIPPIN THE LIP.
But yeah, it's not some weird shit like Hola Pescado or something half baked like The Moustache. It's a thing that I didn't write. So it has high potential already.

There's a pretty substantial jump in quality from the last thing I released, probably about one or two years ago, and this animation. I've learned how to make things look better in general and I've just flat out gotten older and THE OLDER YOU GET THE BETTER YOU ARE RIGHT???????? YEAH.

I still wanna write my own story and animate it soon. So far, I don't have any story based animations that I'm happy with. Will I ever? I dunno maybe I HOPE.

Also I've been listening to Pink Floyd lately. I kinda started listening to one song on The Wall and then I just started listening to the whole album and then I decided to see what all the fuss about Dark Side was then I was like DANG these guys are good.
Too bad people who've never listened to Dark Side constantly wear Dark Side clothes and have posters and shot glasses and all that merch. I love the album, but it's just not cool to wear the prism, MAN.
But yeah, I really do like the story and message behind The Wall and the message in the songs on Dark Side.
I haven't gotten much past those, but I plan on listening to Animals soon. I've listened to a bit of it, but I keep getting side tracked and end up not really listening to it.


Oh, and I'm not done talking about shit no one cares about. The animation from the live concerts / the Wall movie are AMAZING. I'm surprised I've never heard anyone talking about them.

http://www.geraldscarfe.com/ http://www.geraldscarfe.com/ http://www.geraldscarfe.com/

Okay now I am. Thanks for readin BYE.

Posted by Lepy - March 26th, 2013

As a bunch of you probably know, it's been a year since Edd passed. Well, I'm posting this at 12 central, so technically it was yesterday.

Edd was pretty much one of the coolest bros I had talked to. I remember being in a Skype call with him and he was pretty much filled with all these extremely clever puns and just random stuff that made everyone in the call laugh. He was a genuinely nice person and literally -the- last person in the Flash community I would want to see go. But alas, here we are.

I'll probably never forget coming home from school and going through my Twitter feed to see Tom and Matt's video. I remember thinking that it HAD to be a joke, and that maybe Edd woke up to find that his cancer had been completely expelled from his body magically. I guess that was pretty bad wishful thinking because I got the opposite. That really, really sucked.

But a while after Edd's death, I sort of realized something. People could definitely take a lesson from Edd's life and death. He was, like I said, the coolest, nicest, friendliest dude I had met in the Flash community. He sometimes even shot some criticism my way before I had really even gotten to know him. We never know when it's all just gonna flash out into black like an old CRT being turned off. It could happen any day, minute, hour, second. So I think I'm gonna try being a better me. Maybe I should forget the whole "I don't give a SHIT about what people think of me" thing and just be really cool and nice whenever possible. Just ignore the people who don't like whatever I'm doing. Don't even be mean to them. Just be the coolest, nicest, most friendly dude I can be.

In late 2009, Edd told me this in a deviantArt comment:

And maybe, in those moments when I'm starting to think that I really suck shit at everything, I'll just remember this little tid bit. And most of all, maybe I should pass it onto someone else.

So cheers to Edd Gould. I'm not sure about after-life stuff, or if we just dream somehow after we're dead, or if we just see black, but either way, I hope to see you again soon. I miss you, and if I had things my way, you'd still be here inspiring the millions of experienced and inexperienced animators. Luckily for the world, you were a Flash animator and no matter what happens, we can still sit back in our chairs, forget about the grittyness of life, and enjoy a can of Coca-Cola with an Eddisode playing on our computers. And I'd never be able to fully express how thankful I am for taking us on an adventure through time with us, making a movie with us, going deep below the ocean with us, building a house and exorcising with us, defeating Zanta Claws with us, going through the military with us, dealing with clones with us, visiting an ancient Egyptian tomb with us, defeating zombies with us, inspiring us and so much more.

Posted by Lepy - December 23rd, 2012


Wow cool sick go check that out.

Anyways, it's been a year since I worked on all that TOFA stuff, so I decided I'd put it up here on Newgrounds. Cause this place is the bomb!
I recently put them up on YouTube, too. I'll embed them at the bottom of the post.

And this isn't the end of my really stupid animations! I have one more thing to upload that's TOFA related. I have to fix that one up, too (no new animation / dialogue will be added). And then I actually have to worry about making something fresh n' new. Well, I wouldn't call it worrying, I just wanna make stuff. But that's hard to do during school. Next year's my senior year, so hopefully I'll have more time off (I get break periods next year, so I'll either use that time for work or for trying to make animations and such).

Either way, one day I'll be able to spit out content and hopefully the world'll like it. The only thing is, I honestly really don't care for parodies, and that seems to be the thing that really gets people up there in the animation world. Just look at psychicpebbles. He became popular really fast.
Maybe you have to make wacky parodies before you can start creating your own content. I DUNNO.

Here are those things I promisedASDJLFGHKDFGKSDFJKLGVD

This is the original version of An Audition.

This is the updated version of Some Dumb Contest:

New stuff was released! By me!

Posted by Lepy - May 30th, 2012

Hello, world!
I just recently formatted my HDD and I still haven't gotten Flash back on here. WHAT A LAZY PILE OF WHALE CUM.
Anyway, I've realized that pretty much anything I do can be decent as long as I put a bit of thought into it. Imagine if I actually tried to storyboard an animation...with several drafts and thoughts. That'd be insane.

Flash is good for animation, but there's gotta be better ways to storyboard than using Flash. I swear I've seen something from some sort of documentary that looked a bit like this picture here.

But anyway I'm working on a few things. It's Summer now, so it's all gonna be good.
Except probably not because I'm just that lazy.

Anyone know any good storyboarding programs?

Posted by Lepy - March 27th, 2012

I don't think I've lost a friend (er atleast, someone I knew online) until today.
You've probably heard it, Newgrounds' Eddsworld is...well I don't want to say it, you can probably guess what happened to him.

Edd was one of the NICEST people on the Earth. He was also really clever with humor and animation. I really wanted to meet him one day. I remember going through Hammer and Fail for inspiration when doing my TOFA rounds. He had a mind full of a thousand and one great ideas, and damn, will I miss him. It's so not cool.

R.I.P. Edd